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Per the NRA, Obama is to blame for the Orlando shootings.

Of course Obama is to blame for the Orlando shootings.  He’s also to blame for the climate change hoax.  He’s to blame for conflict in the Middle East.  He’s to blame for the divorce rate and ebola outbreaks.  Anything Obama is not to blame for is caused by Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.                                                                                                                                    Other interpretations are phony political-correctness promulgated by the Liberal media.


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Response to a fundamentalist homophobe.

You are like the shooter in Orlando – you’ll countenance slaughter when seeing two men kiss each other, while turning a blind eye to one man murdering another. If Jesus Christ were to come back and see what you and people like you have been doing and saying in his name for the past 2000 years, he’d never stop throwing up. You are a soul-deep hypocrite who regurgitates scripture to camouflage your inner emptiness. That is the real truth.
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Regarding a woman being taken by a crocodile in Australia

In a couple weeks, I’m fulfilling a life-long wish by going to Australia. i believe it’s a wonderful place. It also has the most venomous snakes in the world, and one-of-a-kind wildlife dangers. An Australian Prime Minister drowned while surf-swimming about 30 yrs ago.  I intend to maintain mindfulness.  For all the money in the world, I wouldn’t go near water – let alone swim in it – at night – where warnings about crocodiles were posted. Had the woman and her friend been drinking?  This was beyond stupidity; it was an arrogant and deliberate tempting of fate.
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The Trump Voter – strict qualifications

No decent AND intelligent AND knowledgeable person could vote for Trump.                           If a Trump voter is decent and intelligent, he is ignorant.                                                                If a Trump voter is decent and knowledgeable, he is stupid.                                                            If a Trump voter is intelligent and knowledgeable, he is corrupt.

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Response to the assertion that Donald Trump is no David Duke

You believe that Donald Trump is no David Duke?  What would Duke do that Trump wouldn’t do?  What is more evil than than seriously proposing to deport eleven million people?  Who is more dangerous than a clinical megalomaniac who continually references violent solutions?  Trump is the underside of the Republican Party with the mask off.


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Netanyahu: the rose-colored demagogue.

See link below:


              Unknown to Obama, Netanyahu literally snuck into America (with complicity of JohnBoehner).  He then made his speech to Congress attacking Obama/Iran agreement.  That was a radiant demonstration of his contempt for America.  I’m an American.
               I’m for Israel and am hyper-alerted to worldwide Anti-Semitism using the ‘mistreated, poor poor mistreated Palestinians’ as a cover.  I do not have my head in the sand about the threat to Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.  I believe Natanyahu, in his manipulation of the USA into being trapped in ongoing war in the Mideast,  serves worldwide hatred of Jews.  He’s not the only one trying to do that.  But he’s one of them.  That goal is being realized.
              Netanyahu is a ‘friend’ to nobody or nothing other than right-wing ideology.  Least of all Israel.  Like Ted Cruz, Netanyahu’s father was a paranoid fundamentalist. That hatred is ingrained to both their mentalities.   Netanyahu’s heart was set in stone forever when his brother Yoni was the only Israeli soldier killed in the 1976 raid on Entebbe.   It was one of his followers who murdered Rabin;  assassination per se and betrayal are endemic to him.  Like all zealots, Netanyahu is relentless.  Unlike Cruz, he’s good at momentarily wearing a rational face.  That makes Netanyahu more dangerous than Cruz.
             The Jews have & will survive – but blood never stops being shed.  Netanyahu assures the bloodletting will continue.
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