Debt-ceilings, et al

The Right is making its end-game move to throw the country into chaos – with absolute disregard for anything other than political gain.  Stoking racism and xenophobia, blood dripping from their hands and teeth, they’ll blame the Kenyan.
They are not being reckless – despite the whacky face of the Tea Party.  This (chaos) serves them as did 9/11.
The not-so-phantom hand of China is there.

Nearly fifty years ago, the biography “Nicholas and Alexandra” described Russia’s descent into homicidal revolution and totalitarianism.  I often think of a review quoted on the book-jacket:
“So bizarre, heart-rendering, and apocalyptic, that no novelist would have dared invent it.”
This time, the collapsing will be far more global.                                                                       The East takes over the pilot’s seat.



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