Iraq redux

In 1994, in answer to the question why we didn’t go after Saddam Hussein all the way to Baghdad in the 1990 Gulf War, Dick Cheney answered that “we got it right” by not going into “that unstable part of the world”. Yes – those were Cheney’s words. 

Nine years later, BushCheneyRiceRumsfeld (BCRR) fraudulently took the USA into war (i.e. invasion) in the Mideast.
Today we’re sweating about a possible coup in Pakistan; yesterday it was the Taliban in Afghanistan; tomorrow it will be Iran doing whatever it’s doing in the Gulf of Something; and the day after, and the year after. 

The United States of America has become hostage to every vicissitude in the unending and bloody hostilities that have been going on in “that unstable part of the world” for thousands of years. BCRR knew it – and did it to us.

Their reasons were corporate (Halliburton, Blackwater, etc) and political.  Beneath that was an inhumanity that is unspeakable.

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