Romney – the worst of them all.

Romney is an unstoppable force.  He’s brilliant and is a complete and total Mormon (in the worst sense of the word) in that he is, to his core, an absolutist of authority who will broach no dissent.  He is a ‘church elder’ who is not to be questioned.  Anything he says about democratic principles is a blatant lie.

He is a warmonger.  In the same way a missionary has core disrespect for the culture he is trying to convert, Romney as President would not hesitate to use force against foreigners who oppose his higher mission – of which he has divine certitude. 

Romney’s heat-seeking-missile goal is power for power’s sake.  He is no Johnny-come-lately to ambition – it’s been there, in serious form, all through his life.

He is a wicked man.  I wish I was overstating it.

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