The sure-in.

The biggest problem Republican strategists have is the fact that Obama (to anyone with a functioning, open mind) is an articulate, charismatic, highly intelligent, knowledgeable, likeable person who projects little or no meanness towards other individuals.  This is apart from Conservative or Liberal.  It’s that simple.

The Right stays in hysteria in going at Obama the man, yet he won’t rise to the bait to defend himself against personal attacks.  The only exceptions are when Obama makes  occasional comical references to slander against him.  This usually shows the absurdity of the latest attack.

Fox News is a barrage of catch-words and phrases – Socialist, nanny-state, class-warfare, etc etc.  It’s predictable and tiresome.

Compared to the inauthentic banality coming from of Romney every time he opens his mouth, Obama’s humanness becomes even more manifest.

I’d call Obama a sure-in for reelection.

Oh wait!  Election fraud.  It happened in 2000, and a moron was put in the White House.  The Right is gearing-up for an encore.

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