The Catholic Church’s condemnation of nuns’ independent thinking.

In the Middle East, most Muslim women are considered property.
They also are objects of hatred by men in absolute paternalistic cultures. These men cannot accept sexual desire for women making them (the men) be vulnerable rather than tyrannical. So men condemn women for their (the women’s) sexuality. A female rape victim is shamed. She is considered responsible for inciting the man to his irresistible – thereby justified – impulse.

The Catholic Church’s denigration of women is as primitive.
The psychopathology of demanding celibacy of nuns and priests is radiant.
The Pope and the Church hierarchy aren’t ignorant. They are soul-deep corrupted by absolute power justified by wearing the mantle of Christ.

Sexuality becomes arcane and perverted by being expressed in masked secrecy.                 To the Church, sex is evil because sexual desire is also a deep desire for connection with another human being.  Deep feelings can only be non-sinfully experienced if directed toward the Church.

The Church defines Nuns as brides of Christ. To have no earthly sexual desires is necessary for them to be true to their calling.
Likewise the celibacy of priests is based on their sexual desires morphing into service to the Church.

The Church continues to condemn or deny healthy sexual expression by its clergy and laity. This rigidity is causing loss of Church membership and non-adherence to Church doctrine by most of those who stay.

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