Wisconsin’s Governor Walker – the recall election.

It’s about 12:50 AM, June 6th, 2012. Yesterday’s failure of the recall election is iconic. It demonstrates:

1. Citizens United – allowing unlimited spending on campaigns – has effectively ended outcomes of elections to be based on reality. Corporations own the government. That is fascism.
The backers of Walker outspent Bennett’s campaign about five or six to one. That couldn’t have happened before the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.

2. People are stupid. Stupid. Walker is openly a for real enemy of the interests of lower/middle income people. And the majority of them voted for him.

I have an ominous feeling about November. We know that Romney is the real thing. No half-measures he.

But anger and fear will take hold in the country in a way that’s beginning now. People are being expertly and specifically stoked toward scapegoating. Walker not being recalled is a bell-weather.

I am stunned and quietly terrified. I don’t have an urge to shout. Shouting implies possible effect on what’s being shouted about. The fat is in the fire.

Wow! (said quietly under his breath)

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