The Supreme Court

  • Seattle, Washington

The decision by the Supreme Court to stop the vote counting in 2000 in Florida was an act of Treason. That is no overstatement.

Those five Justices did what they needed to do to give the election to W. Bush. They played their well-coordinated part (with the voter fraud in Florida) in conducting a Presidential coup. There isn’t a credible jurist anywhere who has said the brief submitted by those five traitors (explaining their decision to stop the vote-counting) is anything but obfuscation.

For Scalia et al to talk about what is constitutional is like a Nazi talking about what benefits Jewish people.

They have continued to poison the Supreme Court with decisions that are moving the U.S.A. into fascism. Citizens United pretty much sealed the deal.

The “will of the people” is now a joke because people are obsolete – just like last year’s computer.

The government is now a corporate tool.

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