Written to a Conservative who defends corporations and Gov Scott Walker’s banning collective-bargaining.

You quote, “feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”
But what if there are no fish left? Or if you can’t fish without getting a license from a seafood corporation?
Walker doesn’t want to give workers the right to collective bargaining. Should corporations then be denied the right to bargain for their interests? He was caught on tape telling someone the way to deal with right-to-work is “divide and conquer”. He’s a prick who is in moneyed pockets.
Romney is, clinically put, a congenital liar and is totally – totally – without caring or interest in anything other that his unending quest for power. He’s never created or built anything. He preyed on company’s problems, sent jobs overseas, and made millions (including putting a lot of his wealth in offshore accounts) while leaving a trail of misery behind him. He has zero vision beyond his own belly.
I don’t buy – for one micro-second – the benevolence of corporations making and losing jobs. If they’ve demonstrated anything since Bush W. was fraudulently put in the White House, it is that they have zero interest – that’s zero – in anything but their profits. Remember the figures – how most of those record profits came from cutting back of workers’ benefits and salaries? Do they care about the environment? They destroy it in the same way you or I would brush away annoying ants. Do they care about basic justice? They utilize what amounts to slave labor in other countries, along with what they do to workers here..
You said that America cannot go on “supporting the world as we do”??
The USA bombs, exploits, invades, occupies and shits on people all around the globe – for a long time.
9/11 was payback to the United States. Unfortunately, three thousand innocent people died. Then on a lie, we invaded Iraq and killed one hundred times that many.
I am not a Communist. I believe in the free market. But not the unregulated fascism the USA has been sliding into.
That includes the Prison system which is becoming for-profit. And you know about that one – along with how the criminal-justice system is part of it.
The Republicans deliberately created the gridlock of the past two years by blocking with filibuster everything Obama has put forth. That included a massive jobs-bill which would have started to improve the crumbling infrastructure of the country.
Obama did not waste the political advantage he had by spending and lousy programs. He wasted it by trying to be bi-partisan with corporation-owned congressmen and senators who could care less about anyone other than those in the top 1 percent income level. Period.
Most of what I get from you has to do with concern for that top 1%. Can the 99% house themselves, and have medical without it costing most of their disposable income? Now the 99% cannot, for the most part, afford to provide college for their kids. There’s corporate involvement in that ripoff too.
In simple language, corporate America does not intend good for the country. That is radiantly typified by the incarnate unnecessary evil known as Health Insurance Companies. They exist by exploiting sickness – with zero (that number again) concern for curing anyone.

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