Re Conservative reporter Neil Munro’s heckling Obama at the White House

Seattle, Washington

What is disturbing about this incident it that it’s not just this incident.

Even if that particular jackass is a jackass in his own right, there is an ongoing dynamic of overt personal disrespect by supposed professionals (press, congressmen) to President Obama unlike anything I’ve seen in my 48 years as a voter.

Credentialed people have been loudly rude to Obama in the White House Garden, the halls of Congress, and other places where moderated discussion is supposed to be taking place.
The shills are then immediately given justification by Fox News et al because Obama, they imply, is a traitor to America.

Professional people who support Obama haven’t demonstrated that kind of face-to-face disrespect to public figures.

These days, 99% of what the Right does is orchestrated vindictive propaganda.

And they keep getting away with it.

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