Halfway houses for prisoners

Seattle, Washington

Isn’t Christie the governor who nixed a highway construction project that would have employed thousands of people?
His stated purpose was to save money.
The real reason was to keep Obama from having a success.

The vast majority of crimes in the USA – along with the corruption and crumbing of the criminal justice system – are related to the sale/usage of illegal drugs.
The Drug War is insane – it couldn’t be more of a failure. Among its primary failures is keeping drugs from anyone who wants them.

Prisons are now sources of huge amounts of money to private ownership taking over the penal system. Poor people, mostly of color, are a ready-made stable of revenue-rich units of prisoners – most of whom have drug-related offenses. Court-sentencing reflects this.

It would cost a fraction of the price of the Drug War to polka-dot cities and communities with available, free substance-abuse treatment for non-criminal people who want to get help for their alcohol/drug addiction. Drug-addicts would no longer be dangerous, desperate people who commit crimes to be able to feed their criminal drug habit.

The debacle we’re in is of our own making.
Like most debacles, it profits people in the top 1% income level.

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