Regarding the killing of a decent man in a prison halfway house

Seattle, Washington

From his photograph, Derek West Harris appeared to be a decent and gentle person.

Looking at what’s wrong with the United States these days, it’s difficult to find a primary cause of corruption because corruption is everywhere.
That is why there is no one solution – it would be throwing a good apple in a barrel of bad apples.

However, Good Beginnings would be:

1. End the War on Drugs.
2. End private for-profit ownership of correctional institutions.
3. Put the Warren Buffet plan into effect – term limits for politicians in congress, along with eliminating all special benefits they receive other than what other citizens get.
4. Time-limit the Presidential campaign to three months before election.
5. End Citizens’ United. Mandate a federal amount for campaign funds be made available to each candidate. No private contributions – period.
6. End the filibuster.
7. Implementation of strict investigation and termination of voter fraud. Make proven election fraud a federal crime.

And the Corker:

8. Abolish the Electoral College – the President is elected by popular vote.

A good beginning.
I want to say ‘Yeah, right.”

The first goal is to achieve a real start of the good beginnings.

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