Re New York Times article about the brilliance of William Faulkner’s novel Absalom Absalom. Racism as part of the American Dream

  • Seattle, Washington

As we inch our way toward this November’s Presidential election, the psychosis of racism envelops everything.

When Obama ran for office four years ago , a hope of release propelled him into office. A harbinger was a bigot giving the spiritual invocation at his inauguration.

Romney – icon of hierarchy and social isolation steeped in civility and madness. A mantel of the graciousness of the plantation owner.

The Birther movement, homophobia, denial of climate change, health care profiteering coupled with shrill concern for the rights of the unborn.  All reek of contradiction, fear, and fury.

The feeding frenzy of greed labeled free market.

The obsession with gun-ownership is illusion of protection from demons within.

History doesn’t stop. Another new day with a never-ending yesterday.

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