Response to the claim that unemployment of Blacks under Obama is 2% higher than when George W. was President

  • Seattle, Washington

If unemployment among Blacks went up 2 percent since Obama became President, that is primarily because Republicans have literally blocked every bit of progressive legislation Obama has tried to put forward. That included a massive jobs bill that would have created tens of thousands of jobs to repair our crumbling infrastructure. The Republican wouldn’t allow it and other legislation to come to a vote.  This is despite that in all cases the majority of the Senate and people wanted those proposals to pass.

Unemployment rose under George W. because what he did.                                                  Any increase in unemployment under Obama is because the Republicans have blocked what he’s tried to do.

The Republican Party is contemptuous and uncaring for the 99%. They invoke bigoted Black-related images such as street criminals, lazy people on welfare, and other iconic hot-points.  They are doing everything they can to disenfranchise  the poor and others who are likely to vote Democratic. Black people are the bull’s eye of their target.

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