Romney claims non-involvement with Bain after 1999.

    • Seattle, Washington

    Mitt Romney is a congenital liar.

    He told lies when CEO of  Bain Corporation while it did the ‘leave-them-after-squeezing-them-dry’ routine to other companies.  As everyone knows, this included outsourcing their jobs to other countries.

    He has told lie after lie after lie since running for President. It’s more than “flip-flopping”.  Everyone has something to hide or minimize, and few politicians are without some dissonance from truth.

    Romney has everything to hide.

    Everything about him – from the ever-present fake smile on his face to his limitless self-righteousness – reeks of falsehood. When he speaks fact, it’s with exaggeration to glorify himself or to degrade Obama.

    As a human-being, Romney is without humility. He cannot acknowledge doing wrong because he believes everything he does is right.

    That pretty much describes most sociopaths.

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