The vote to cite Eric Holder for contempt of Congress

    • Seattle, Washington

    Obama’s Presidency has been a direct and personalized target of the Right since he entered the White House. It’s been a 3+ years witch-hunt.

    They have never given Obama credit for anything.

    When Bin Laden was killed, they said he was making a media event of it, without the slightest hint of praise.

    They kept a jobs bill from coming to a vote – that would have benefited millions of people and fixed our infrastructure. It was blatantly to prevent Obama from having a positive accomplishment.

    They prevented a vote on public-option in health-care bill, which over 60% of the people wanted. They are/were in the pockets of health insurance companies. Period. They labled Obama with a dirty word – Socialist – for proposing the public-option.

    This also holds true for Obama’s failures. His failures and successes have been treated with equal vitriol.

    Today the Republicans voted to cite Holder for contempt because he is Obama’s Attorney General.  That is the only fact they consider.

    Today’s finding of contempt is meaningless, as are all their criticisms of Obama.

    The right or wrong about anything isn’t on the Republicans’ radar.

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