The bad guys of the Right.

  • North Strabane, PA

Do Sununu, Limbaugh, and Bachmann realize how much like Joe McCarthy they sound? Do they realize what happened to McCarthy between 1954 and 1957? Do they realize what the history books say about McCarthy? What don’t they understand about the label witch-hunter? ————————————————————————————————————–

Seattle, Washington

To  North Strabane, PA:

Someone said, “History is a pack of lies that the dead play upon the living”.

It doesn’t matter that McCarthy himself was ultimately brought down. The mean-spiritedness and paranoia he engendered is ongoing.

The same is true for the Civil War. The South lost the war, but racism and slavery mentality continue to this day. Look at the rhetoric of the Right and their scapegoating of the disadvantaged.

What personally becomes of the Bachmanns, Limbaughs, and Sununus has no importance. Their poison, flowing down to them from slave-owners of the 19th Century and witch-hunters in the 50s, splashes over us now.

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