Re the Republican efforts to extend tax-cuts for the rich.

    • Seattle, Washington

    Like their efforts to make taxation a giveaway to the rich, and like the voter registration laws being passed in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, the Republicans are trying every sleazy tactic they can to turn the United States into a country run by, for, and of corporations.

    Those of us in the bottom 99% income-level are their prey.

    They do not have a shred of caring or compassion (other than hand-wringing rhetoric) for the misery they inflict on their victims.

    The Right is now living on a bed of lies, and using fear to fuel their engines.
    They wrap themselves in the flag and their interpretation-as-needed Constitution.

    Along with this is their obscene wearing the cloak of Christianity.
    They live in that cruelty and greed that Christ said was wrong.

    Their motives are obvious to almost everyone – including the rest of the world.
    They hide in plain sight.

    The worst of them are those few Republicans with consciences who, for their own political positions, betray their beliefs and go along with this horror show.

    In Romney, they’ve found their man.

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