The coming election – will the voters decide?

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    • Seattle, Washington

    The Republicans stole the Presidency in 2000:

    1. Fox News preemptively & and wrongly announced that Florida went to Bush.         Gore conceded.  Gore later rescinded his concession when the truth that he won the most votes in Florida began to be evident.                                                                                2. George W’s brother Jeb Bush was the Governor of Florida.  Gov. Bush condoned blocking thousands of black poor voters from getting to the poles.
    3. Gov. Bush allowed a ballot to be printed that clearly confused Al Gore’s name with Patrick Buchanon, thereby eliminating many votes for Gore.
    4. Florida’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris abetted the corrupt counting of votes.
    5. Five justices of the Supreme Court, in awful complicity, voted to stop the vote counting in Florida.

    The Republicans stole the Presidency in 2004:
    1. Voter fraud in the swing state of Ohio – giving the election to Bush.
    2. A swift-boating campaign that brilliantly, with lies and slander, fractured Kerry’s military service.

    In 2008, the world was watching the United States’ election – wanting Obama to win. Stealing that election would not have been tolerated, and the Republicans knew it.

    The Republicans are setting the stage for a another Presidential coupe in 2012 with:
    1. Simultaneous voter i.d. laws are being instituted in many swing-states to deliver them to Romney.
    2. This and future elections were sabotaged by five justices of the Supreme Court who voted for Citizen’s United.   Corporations can spend as much money needed to elect puppet politicians.
    3. Once again, Fox News is unceasingly on full blast with lies, propaganda, and slander.

    2000, 2004, and now 2012.

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