To a perspective gay parent

  • Seattle, Washington

I’ve read your comment several times.
Not once do you say anything about what you being a father will be for the child. Your only concern is that you might have “to accept the same headaches that straight people experience”.
It’s all about you, you, YOU!
You say, regarding getting contradictory parenting advice, “I am just looking at it as part of the fun”.
A child is not a temporary adventure to provide you with fun.
A child is another human being whose needs, for your lifetime, put your desire for fun off the table. YOU ARE NO LONGER NUMBER ONE.
I have no opposition to gay people being parents. Straight or gay, a person should be a mature adult before bringing a child into his or her life.
I do not intend this as an insult: You do not sound like a mature adult who is motivated by a desire to give.
For the sake of the child, hold off from being a parent until the spotlight is not on yourself.  That would be the responsible adult thing to do.

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