Response to right-wing suggestion that recipients of entitlements be forced to wear the letter “W” to let people know they are “weak”, and “…too dumb to make enough money.”

  • August 15, 2012

Less than seventy years ago, Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear yellow Star of David.  A couple centuries before that, women in colonial America accused of having sex out of marriage were forced to wear the letter “A” for “adultress”.
You say recipients of entitlements should have to wear “W” so that “people will know they are weak.”  Does that include people who take millions of dollars in kickbacks and tax loopholes from the government?
The real truth is that by “weak”, you mean those who are not powerful.
All bullies are cowards.
You are a coward.
Your lack of depth and knowledge make you a fool. You are one of the people who Lincoln said “can be fooled all the time”.
If you want to find what you are really afraid of, you don’t have to go out of your own front door.  All the guns in your arsenal won’t make you feel safe.
Like I said, that’s the real truth – and you know it.

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