The real Paul Ryan

  • Seattle, Washington

Ryan is a stone-cold sadist. Go skin deep into anything he says, and there’s a knife of recrimination against the powerless.
Whether it’s lazy people on welfare who are getting something they don’t deserve, promiscuous women who want birth control, foreigners who are breaking our laws and taking entitlements, gay people who offend Christian sensibility and threaten family, unions that make unfair demands their employers cannot meet, Socialists wanting to bankrupt us with available health-care, decrying taxes on the wealthy because that would prevent them from creating jobs – there’s always a lowly villain who is causing America’s woes.
Ryan operates by calculatingly fanning the flames of bigotry, fear, ignorance, and rage – while wearing a mantle of concern for the country.
Like most sociopaths, Ryan is incapable of seeing anything other than honor about himself and dishonor in his scapegoats. His hands are bloody – and he likes it.
Ryan is the real, scary thing. He’s a killer.

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