Romney & Ryan – puppets pretending to be Siamese Twins

  • Seattle, Washington

Since Romney became the Republican nominee for President, the country has been stunned by the constancy of his obvious, ongoing emptiness. He stands for nothing except his quest for power. Flip-flopping is a tame-sounding phrase for the pathological liar that is Romney.

Now Ryan is at his side. At first glance, Ryan seemed more focused than Romney. Filled with self-righteous vitriol that characterizes the Tea Party, it is impossible to hear anything from him that even hints of compassion or humility. But he seemed to be on a consistent, if poisonous, path.

In the past couple weeks since being picked as VP candidate, Ryan is demonstrating himself to be as empty a suit as Romney. He goes any way the daily wind blows and Sheldon Andelson dictates. He does wear a consistent mantel of indignation at anything that doesn’t favor corporate interests. He’s in their pockets for sure. But Ryan’s specifics – like Romney’s – evaporate in a day or so.

Aspen’s gaffe about “legitimate rapes” are having frighteningly little effect on the Republicans’ woman-hating policies.
Watch R & R go with that flow despite any refutations they ever voiced about Aspen.

knock knock.
Who’s there?
Everybody and nobody.

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