The Republican Convention and beyond.

  • Seattle, Washington

What frightens me isn’t only the bigotry, gullibility, ignorance, and stupidity of the new Republican Party.  Those things are upsetting.
It’s their intense hate and vitriol that I find unnerving.
Their psyches are drenched in denial and fear to the point of projecting blood-lust toward people they oppose.  They dread calmness.  It could lead to realizing that what they really fear is something within themselves.
I feel overwhelmed by the murderous rage of people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin.  They distort and interpret facts through a prism of hatred.
Rush Limbaugh applauded Romney’s insulting birther comment, saying he hopes it signals the Republican Convention will be a fest of attacks against Obama.   Limbaugh wasn’t talking policy – he fervently and openly wants the Convention to be a lynch mob against one man.
Their explosiveness can be summoned at the mention of a name.  Levin, Coulter, and other ultra Conservatives almost foam at the mouth.  They are always seething.
This madness is spreading throughout the country.

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