Response to someone saying the Republican Party will lose its constituents.

To rjspida:

You say “in the future, the Republican Party will not have a constituency.” You cite Hitler’s Germany.
But Hitler very much had a constituency – the German people went for him hook, line, and sinker.
Like Hitler, today’s Republican party is brilliantly using the economic travails and fear in America to whip up a frenzy of irrational ultra-nationalism and racial prejudice that allows no dissent.
Millions of people are buying it.

Ryan’s Tea Party has a fiscal veneer that thinly veils bigotry, ignorance, and revenge on targeted scapegoats. Every conversation I’ve had or witnessed with anyone identifying him or herself as a member of the Tea Party begins with talking about the economy. Within a couple minutes, I’m listening to an invective tirade in which no rational exchange of views is possible. It’s frightening.

Coupled with the Republicans’ voter-disenfranchisement in the swing states, Romney/Ryan may be headed to the White House via a fraudulent election. George W. Bush attained the presidency because of voter fraud in Florida and the complicity of five members of the Supreme Court. If Romney wins, the fraud will be nationwide. Unlike 2000, the Republicans’ intention to steal the election is being planned in broad daylight.

Hitler said, “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth”.
That’s the real truth.

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