Vice President Ryan?

  • Seattle, Washington

Make no mistake about it –
If Romney takes the White House, Paul Ryan will be every bit as active and connected a Vice Prez as was Cheney. Ryan would be the baby-faced poster-boy for the implementation of far-right Tea Party extremism in the United States.
Unlike George W. Bush, Romney would not be subjugated to his Vice Prez.
Romney and Ryan would be in tandem as puppets in the pockets of their corporate owners. Their father/son image would be an ongoing travesty of truth.
They would follow the same marching orders. Romney would wear the mantle of leader, but other than token gestures of a semblance of humanity, he himself would decide nothing.
The corporations aren’t kidding – if Romney wins, the USA will go into open corporate ownership of the government.
That is literal fascism.

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