Romney trashing 47% of the people in the United States.

  • Seattle, Washington

It is incredible that Romney won’t reveal his income tax records while decrying nearly half of the people in the country who supposedly don’t pay income tax.
The video reveals his utter contempt for the common man.
What is disgusting about Romney as a human being is that he has never shown empathy or interest in the world beyond the privileged life he into which he was born.
There are many wealthy people who, unlike Romney, do have a vision that goes beyond their own bellies. Romney has never left his gold-plated nest.
Romney will destroy anyone or anything that stands in the way of his gaining power. His hit-list is 47% of the people of the United States.
Non-rich people who intend to vote for Romney ought to consider John Kennedy’s warning that those who ride the back of a tiger wind up inside.

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