Regarding Pennsylvania’s voter i.d. requirement law being struck down until after the election.

The world knows that George W. Bush was fraudulently declared the winner of the 2000 presidential election.
It’s not generally cited, but the 2004 election was a fraud too. Ohio gave Bush his second term. There were many voter irregularities there, etc etc.
Obama won in 2008 because the whole world wanted Obama to win, and was watching that election closely.
Now in 2012, the Right is doing its best to steal the election. This time they’re doing it in broad daylight. The voter i.d. requirements in the swing states are a manifest attempt to deny American citizens their right to vote.  This effort to pull off a 3rd fraudulent Presidential election, is as much an act of treason as giving away classified information to an enemy country.
That today’s Republicans express concern staying true to the intentions of the Founding Fathers is unspeakable.

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