Big Bird and Mitt

  • Seattle, Washington

There are solid reasons why, for years, the Right wants PBS gone.
Those reasons have nothing to do with its miniscule cost, and little to do with Big Bird.
PBS is education in the best sense of the word. It engenders rationality – to adults & children – which the Right despises.
Unlike the present Republican party, PBS does not operate on fear and misinformation. So it must be done away with.

Mitt Romney, in his fountain of lies at the debate, made a tactical blunder going after PBS in the mocking way he did. His true nature as a bully, hypocrite, and puppet came briefly through.     It was uglier than just another lie.                                                      So too must the National Endowment for the Arts be gone.         Art creates fellowship that people can share without prejudice or rancor.

Education and enlightenment are anathema to today’s Republican Party.                                                                                Non-rich parents can no longer afford to send their children to college without bankrupting themselves.  Non-rich students are to be drenched in debt by college loans.

Health-care and education denied make us sick and stupid.            What better way to hasten the disappearance of the middle class?  Then those bewildered and disheartened citizens will gradually reappear being willing to work for slave wages.                           This is at the heart of the Grand Plan of Romney (and the top 1%) to have Americans become a subjugated people.

And that’s no lie.


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