Response to accusation that legalized abortion is “permission to slaughter”.

    • Seattle, Washington

    In reality – you know – REALITY – control of reproductive rights is part of a fascist society.
    The decision of a woman to have a child should be between her and her doctor. Period.
    The REAL way to minimize abortions is available birth-control and sex education. Again – reality.
    As with almost everything else the Right proposes on social issues, regulations and rules apply only to the lower 99%. Wealthy women can get on a plane, and go to other places in the world to get abortions. The rich can also obtain abortions from discreet, cash-paid doctors. Reality.
    It is a necessary component of tyranny to seek control of the most central and personal  aspects of peoples’ lives.  Along with marriage, sexuality, and spirituality, is child-bearing.
    The Right’s goal of outlawing abortion has nothing to do with respect for the sanctity of life.

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