On the latest Presidential polls

  • Seattle, Washington

Curiouser and curiouser.

Romney is an ongoing liar who obviously:

1. Despises the non-rich
2. Is ignorant of the real world
3. Has zero concern or respect for women’s rights
4. Sees taxation as something for the rich not to pay
5. Will continue to outsource America to foreign nations
6. Is a lifelong bigot, bully, and hypocrite
7. Sees health-care as a cash-cow for insurance companies
8. Has near-daily revelations of shady connections & dealings
9. Has no core principles beyond self-promotion
10. Is the standard-bearer of a move to steal the election
11. Has no concern for the planet
12. Is a soul-deep corporate shill
13. Lots more absurdities

And he’s neck & neck for the Presidency.

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