What the election was all about.

  • Seattle, Washington

Technology alters the appearance and speed of events.  Human nature doesn’t change.
Immigrants to the United States have always been initially exploited, feared, and resented by those already here.
Times passes, and that demographic of newcomers becomes part of the culture.
Then a different group of foreigners arrive. They are misused by the children/grandchildren/great grandchildren of immigrants who had similarly suffered when they set foot on  our shores.
It boils down to, “I have mine, I worked hard for it, and don’t want it taken away by you”.
That selfishness is always manipulated by those at the top. The rich get richer, and the poor and vulnerable are scapegoats.
In substance, nothing new.
The United States has become an increasingly reactionary society in which democracy and justice have decreasing meaning.
We are a nation of immigrants and the world is becoming smaller.  The Right clings to illusion of a pure America that never was.
Until America applies understanding of today’s multiculturalism with vision and wisdom, our decline is inevitable.
The re-election of Barak Obama in the face of ultra-nationalism is a step in the right direction.

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