The historical tragedy of Benjamin Netanyahu

The 1994 assassination of Yitzak Rabin is one of history’s major tragedies.                            It It is more than comparable to Lincoln’s murder.

There were 20,000 Israelis at a peace gathering when one of Netanyahu’s fundamentalist followers shot Rabin in the head.  Then, stoking fear and racism, Netanyahu won the election and became Israel’s next Prime Minsiter.  Since then, he has done nothing but foment dissent.

Netanyahu and his Tea-Party equivalents in the Israeli parliament did not have to expand the settlements. They didn’t have to bulldoze half of old Jerusalem. They didn’t have to live in foolish hubris by demanding the Arabs desist from verbal aggression against Israel as a precondition to sitting down to talk.                                                                                Netanyahu has not for one moment backed off from incendiary intention.

The Arab world may never accept the existence of Israel.  In the face of that, peace can come only by Israel effecting balance of power, time-management, ongoing dialogue.        Saber-rattling is not bloodshed.                                                                                                   Time could be an ally toward creating stability and the lessening of murderous rage.   Enmity and Peace can co-exist.

Netanyahu will never go for a a just peace.                                                                                     Tragedy.

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