Israel and Palestine in the U.N.

  • Seattle, Washington

Palestine being admitted to the U.N. as a “nonmember observer state”  could be a key step towards peace with Israel.
The U.N. can provide a forum in which Israel and the Palestinians could negotiate  irregardless of whatever is happening back on home turf in the Mideast.                                   Until now, pre-conditions have to be agreed upon before they face each other.  Also, there is rarely a tranquil period that lasts long enough to prevent any settled-on plans for negotiation from being scuttled.
Together in the U.N., the incendiary rhetoric of both sides will continue of course.           But when it dies down, Israel and the Palestinians will be in close proximity and able to do some sorting-out without a loss-of-face-for-having-blinked-first.                                        Here’s hoping…….

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