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Obama, Rebpulicans, and taxes-breaks for the wealthy

Seattle, Washington Obama isn’t perfect – he’s got agendas, and he’s made wrong moves. But in the end, he trying to do right things that bespeak of humanity. Not so with the present Tea Party Republican Party. They are creatures … Continue reading

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Re New York Times article, “The Fantasy of Assault Rifles”

Seattle, Washington The article concludes with “…given their financial success, gun makers have apparently decided that the risk of an occasional massacre is part of the cost of doing business.” “Risk of an occasional massacre” my foot. The NRA has … Continue reading

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Re a man pushed in front of subway train by a total stranger.

Seattle, Washington It is a travesty – an unspeakable travesty – that we do not have universal healthcare, including mental healthcare, in America. Neither income, age, race, immigration status nor anything else should prevent a human being from getting available … Continue reading

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Re Putin ending all U.S adoptions of orphaned Russian children.

Seattle, Washington It’s always the children who suffer.And the posturing of politicians here and in Russia and the rest of the world doesn’t change that basic, eternal truth – it’s always the children who suffer.Putin, as and individual and a … Continue reading

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Response to the dictate that gay marriage is wrong because the bible is against it.

Seattle, Washington Why should a non-Christian’s life be dictated by the bible? Huh?I’ve spoken to many – many – people who identify themselves as Christians who don’t hold with your homophobia. They, to my way of thinking, are closer to … Continue reading

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This Time.

Seattle, Washington When do cowardice, greed, and self-interest morph into pure evil? Every person in congress who has suborned herself or himself to unconditional gun-rights has abdicated their humanity. If sanity prevails, it will not be because the Republican party … Continue reading

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Arsenals, security, and wailing at the wind.

Seattle, Washington Americans are a frightened people.We have four or five times the military strength of the rest of the world.Yet we decry any cutbacks to military expenditure because of being afraid our national security will be threatened.We have – … Continue reading

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