Arsenals, security, and wailing at the wind.

  • Seattle, Washington

Americans are a frightened people.
We have four or five times the military strength of the rest of the world.
Yet we decry any cutbacks to military expenditure because of being afraid our national security will be threatened.
We have – estimated – about three hundred million guns in circulation.
Yet millions of people can’t own enough guns to make them feel safe.
The gun lobby has over half of Congress in its pocket.
The paranoia of the NRA mentality is incredible – ‘they’re coming to take away our guns.” etc etc. Gun enthusiasts live in fear.
The United States has been trampling on others for so long that, at some level, the most die-hard gun obsessives realize we’ve got payback due us.
All the guns in the world can’t make that go away.
That’s the real truth.

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