This Time.

    • Seattle, Washington

    When do cowardice, greed, and self-interest morph into pure evil?
    Every person in congress who has suborned herself or himself to unconditional gun-rights has abdicated their humanity.
    If sanity prevails, it will not be because the Republican party has suddenly developed a conscience. The carnage in Newtown wasn’t anything new. This time, the spectacle of small children slaughtered manifests the egregiousness of the NRA mentality to the rest of us.
    This time the Right cannot blame gay people, illegal immigrants, Liberal elitists, Romney’s 47%, terrorists, or any other stock scapegoat.
    The shooter was a home-grown, small-town white person raised by a parent who foisted gun consciousness on him as a child. He was an unstable person who, when he snapped, went directly to a gun.
    Children have been victims of gun violence all along. This time it was the number of children he killed that made headlines.
    This time, the epidemic can no longer be credibly denied.
    Obama said that the complexity of the problem is no excuse for inaction.
    This time right & wrong are clear. This time there there can be no stalling or sweeping under the rug that will pass muster.
    This time is the moment in time.

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