Re a man pushed in front of subway train by a total stranger.

  • Seattle, Washington

It is a travesty – an unspeakable travesty – that we do not have universal healthcare, including mental healthcare, in America.
Neither income, age, race, immigration status nor anything else should prevent a human being from getting available and cost-free help for his or her mental and physical well-being.
The for-profit-only motive of predatory health insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations is not capitalism – it’s depraved indifference.
Most of the tragedies from unstable people would not have happened if they had access to available and cost-free mental health support.  America has become a country filled with people who are ticking bombs.
The cost for the inhumanity of making a cash-cow out of sickness is far higher in dollars and how we see ourselves, than doing the right thing.

That’s the real truth.

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