Re New York Times article, “The Fantasy of Assault Rifles”

    • Seattle, Washington

    The article concludes with “…given their financial success, gun makers have apparently decided that the risk of an occasional massacre is part of the cost of doing business.”
    “Risk of an occasional massacre” my foot. The NRA has stayed steadfast in its adulation of unregulated gun-ownership despite the slaughter that’s been going on for a long, long time. The “occasional massacres” are the bloodbath incidents in which the number of victims is in double digits.
    If a thousand children were gunned down tomorrow by a group of lunatics with assault rifles, it wouldn’t make an atom of difference in the thinking of Wayne LaPierre and his constituents.
    Calling the NRA and gun-makers and obsessive gun-owners greedy, having misplaced machismo, faulty thinking, or whatever – is bunk.
    In their heart of hearts, there is a blood lust that is evil.
    Everybody, including them, knows that’s the real truth.

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2 Responses to Re New York Times article, “The Fantasy of Assault Rifles”

  1. Thomas says:

    One has to wonder how eager the NRA would be if someone showed up at their headquarters with a 90 round assault rifle and started using those rounds up as fast as the could.

  2. geveamoment says:

    If you ask that question to a hard-line NRA member, he or she would answer that the intruder would be quickly gunned-down by the armed people inside. A John Wayne scenario having nothing to do with the reality of what happens in those situations. In reality, the best that would occur would be that yes, the intruder would be gunned-down. But not before deaths occur – including people who’d die in the crossfire.

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