Re NYT article on high murder rate in Chicago

The complexity is daunting.
So let’s try to do something about root causes.
If the United States of America had universal health care – including mental health care – and if the United States of America provided available education and training for it’s citizens, and if the war on drugs were ended, our trajectory toward chaos and violence would diminish.
Americans would be a healthier, smarter, and less terrified people.
Young people feel inadequate and overwhelmed in the face of technology and a world that’s passing them by. Higher education is for those who can afford it. Training is not readily available without jumping through bureaucratic hoops and limitations.
The young who are disenfranchised and poor cannot readily identify with the entrepreneurial ethic. Drug money, along with the excitement and fellowship of gangs is what is before them. Those things are a tragic salve to deep alienation and powerlessness. Arrest and incarceration are imminent – especially concurrent with America’s for-profit prison system.
There are many examples of positive directions taken by young people in inner cities when creative and productive opportunities are present.
Massive energy and resources sustain the failed drug-war. Rechanneling to provide positive and supportive alternatives would be a healthy and realistic beginning.
The gun is used because of fear.
Let’s focus on providing hope.

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