Re NYTimes article – State vs Fed’l government on marijuana legalization.

  • Seattle, Washington

The persecution and prosecution of legal marijuana growers do not spring from hypocrisy and stupidity.
The federal government knows exactly what it is doing.
The bottom line is:
The United States government is the key player in the drug-cartel.
The pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, gun manufacturers, illegal drug-trafficers here and in Mexico, the criminal-justice and for-profit prison systems.  All gorge themselves on fallout from the obscene and preposterous War on Drugs. Much of the fear and paranoia in America stem from violent crimes emanating from the illegality of drugs.
It IS true that marijuana is the gateway drug to addictive substances like cocaine and heroin. This is NOT because marijuana chemically propels smokers into usage of hard drugs.
It is because pot smokers are breaking the law. The Drug-War channels the illegal user of pot to exposure and experimentation with other illegal substances which are addictive and hazardous.
The addict becomes part of this insidious chain. The Drug War is as cold and coordinated as the crimes of Wall Street.
Criminalizing illness has been going on for a long time.
The entrenched and phony rationales to deny sick people access to marijuana are as insulting to intelligence as they are uncaring of suffering.
The will of the people to decriminalize marijuana is disregarded.
Until this far-reaching and self-destructive insanity is eliminated, America’s direction and purpose will be poisoned.

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