Regarding employers denying insurance coverage for contraception on the basis of religious belief.

  1. The contraception issue is a shining example of the cruelty,
    greed, and utter hypocrisy of the religious Right in America.
    They oppose abortion rights on the basis of “the sanctity of life”.  This while denying contraception to prevent unwarranted pregnancies that would result in abortion.
    They oppose any halt to the feeding-frenzy of greed of the health insurance companies – showing no concern for the sick and disadvantaged.
    They say our “Founding Fathers” cherished liberty in justifying the right of corporations and the military to destroy the planet.  This while intruding into the personal lives of citizens.
    They call themselves Christians while living in intolerance.
    Their intense hatred of Obama is a combination of soul-deep racism and rage at the humanity he espouses.
    They despise anything that hints of compassion for the non-powerful.
    They live in unmerciful hatred and willful ignorance of the other. Their blood-lust is palpable.
    Their obsession with guns is the only individual liberty for which they have genuine concern. But their arsenals of automatic rifles do not make them feel safe. If they want to know what they are really afraid of, they don’t have to go out of their own front door.

    That’s the real truth.

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