Re NY Times article on Christian barmitzvas and Jews.

  • Seattle, Washington

No one has expressed the bigotry of born-again Christians better than Ann Coulter – one of the most public bigots today.
She said that Jews need to be “perfected” by becoming Christians.
She also said (referring to Muslim countries), “We should invade their countries, kill their rulers, and convert them to Christianity”.
Unfortunately, Coulter’s crackpot sentiments are emblematic of fundamentalist religion  all over the world.
Nothing is more personal than spirituality. Organized religion inevitably turns spirituality into institutional dogma. In doing so, depth of the individual’s feelings and questioning – i.e. true spirituality – is lost.
Dogma follows, which morphs into hierarchy, from which corruption and tyranny become the vessel of confused, intimidated, and obedient followers.
The Crusade, the jihad, the claim of being God’s chosen people, and other intimations of divine privilege and retribution) come into being.

The One Path Only becomes an enforced, locked-step march.

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