Re New York Times article about long-term jail sentencing for drug-related offenses.

  • Seattle, Washington

Until drugs are decriminalized, justice and social stability in the United States of America will be poisoned. Inner city crime is based on the illegal drug trade. The drug-trade is the primary cause of gangs and the insane flow of guns into Mexico. Drug-dealing is the role-model for excitement and quick money to young people. Tens of thousands of murders in Mexico and the U.S. are directly connected to drug-traffic. It is a significant cause of illegal immigration from the south. Our courts and prisons have become for-profit entities with low-level drug-offenders used as cash-cow units. There are ongoing revelations of the illegal drug trade’s connection to international corruption. The obsession with guns in America is exacerbated by the specter of dangerous drug-addicts. It is madness.
The continued criminalization of drugs is the calculated destabilization of American society by organized crime, which gets lifeblood from the drug-cartels. This influence reaches into all branches of government.
That’s the real truth.

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