Re NYT article about malicious blocking of Obama’s appointees by Republican filibuster

    • Seattle, Washington

    Let me get this straight – the article says the Democrats could end the filibuster situation. So why in heaven’s name don’t they do that????
    I can’t think of any reason that doesn’t sound paranoid – like maybe lots of Democrats are just fine with Obama being thwarted.
    The situation in Congress is beyond dysfunctional. It’s calculated abandonment of responsible governance for the purpose of thwarting one black man. This is not Conservative vs Liberal. The vitriol against Obama is unlike anything that has ever been directed at any other President. That includes Nixon during Watergate. The Republicans had poison against Clinton in their impeachment of him over the absurdity of Monica Lewinsky. But they’ve outdone themselves with the demonizing of Obama. They are unspeakable.

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