On the death of Times reporter McCandlish Phillips, who exposed a Jewish Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard.

  • Seattle, Washington

McCandlish Phillips was an interesting person and a fine writer.
He was also, in the deepest sense of the word, a hypocrite.

His exposure of the Jewish origins of Daniel Burros, a Grand Dragon of the New York Ku Klux Klan, was courageous and good reporting.
Burros’ “advocacy of genocide for Jews & Blacks” was total self-hate manifesting in killing others instead of one’s self. Cowardice and tragedy of epic proportions.

The NYT article goes on to say that McCandlish believed “pornography, drugs, abortions, and any kind of fornication (including pre-marital sex and homosexuality) are sins”. Under cover of religious conviction, McCandlish was obsessed with scorning any sexual expression other than within marriage. For a lifelong bachelor, that smacks of the vitriol that Burros, the secret Jew, directed unmercifully at open Jews.

Burros knew he was hiding – hiding was his conscious life force. He was possessed by terror of his own Truth.

McCandlish was in denial. A brilliant observer and reporter of the human condition, he probably never shined that insight on himself. Or if he did, it was likely a momentary light that he quickly and subconsciously redirected, in damnation, towards others.

He and Burros rode the same train.

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