Re police in school resulting in increased arrests rather than trips to the principal’s office.

    • Seattle, Washington

    It makes sense that a requirement of becoming a police officer is comprehensive psychological testing. It is a colossal responsibility to be responsible for public safety.
    Along with that, the police should have periodic review of their psychological condition. Being a police officer is stressful – to say the least. It serves their interests and the public’s interest, to assure that burn-out doesn’t result in poor law-enforcement, including tragedy.
    Psychological assessment is not necessarily to eliminate candidates or veterans. Skilled and dedicated people need ongoing feedback on themselves to realize and sustain their capacity as effective servants of the public good. This is especially true for police assigned to schools – where they are close-up role-models of empathy, patience, and personal responsibility to young people. They could hopefully be instruments giving students respect for the law rather than fear of police.

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