Re the NRA advocating addressing mental health/criminality instead of mandating background checks for gun ownership

Responsible mental health care and causes of crime need to be more fully addressed in America.   My politics have to do with making the criminal-justice system equitable and relevant, along with universal health-care so that people (especially the bottom 99%) can readily get help – medical and psychological.  I’m more than a check-writer for these things.
I clearly remember in the early morning hours of June 5th, 1968 following Robert Kennedy’s murder, Pres Johnson said, “We’ve got to stop this insane traffic in guns”.   There is a consciousness of fear in America that is a complex, long-developing dynamic – to say the least.
It would significantly decrease gun-related deaths to have background checks for gun ownership and to close loopholes for gun purchasing.  If I wanted a gun, I would have no fear of having a background check.  But hundreds of thousands of people in our country who have violent criminal records and significant mental health histories would in no way sign on a dotted line to allow a background check on themselves.  Also, lots of gun ownership is inadvertent.  If it became less easy to get a gun, those people – stable and unstable – who only have a passing desire for a gun would not go through the effort of obtaining a background check.  Ergo, lots less unstable people would have guns.  This can be meaningfully initiated – NOW.
The causes of crime & mental illness need to be addressed.  We need both.                             I truly see no sane rationale not to do one because the other isn’t yet accomplished.
I have no personal desire for a gun, but I do not want to undo the Second Amendment because if I ever do want a gun, I like knowing I can get one.

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