Gun-control blockage by the U.S. Senate

  • Seattle, Washington

America is rotting from within. It’s not because of gay marriage, abortion rights, or illegal Mexican immigrants.
The top 1% are in insatiable greed; the bottom 99% in the grip of fear.
90% of us wanted gun control.  Two day ago, the Senate blocked it – effectively condoning the slaughter of 20 children in Sandy Hood and the obscene death rate from guns.
Elected politicians are now undisguised bought-and-paid-for puppets of Corporations.  The Supreme Court tipped the deal with Citizens United; gun-control blockage sealed it.      The mask is off.
A drug-war destroys inner-cities. A for-profit prison system uses drug-offenders as revenue.  The Criminal justice system is complicit in racist perversion of social justice.
The non-rich can’t afford to educate their children; college graduates are debt-laden.
Fundamentalism massively targets women’s reproductive rights in thinly-veiled misogyny.
Psychotic corporate denial of climate-change to prevent environmental regulations. Our infrastructure crumbles while Congress doesn’t pass jobs-bills.
An unchecked banking system, rigged tax-system, and unregulated Wall St engorge the super-rich as the middle-class disappears.
America has 5 times the military power of the rest of the world. We are entrenched in the Mid-East by a blatant lie to invade Iraq from a fraudulently elected President.
The USA has lost world-primacy. We’re feared and seen as a flailing tiger dying of self-inflicted wounds.
The demonized Other is ourselves.

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