Re Obama having to tread lightly at the dedication of the G.W. Bush library in Texas

  • Seattle, Washington

Well, the dedication of the Bush library will undoubtedly be a hot air occasion.
G.W. Bush’s was a moron President – a for real moron – who didn’t even realize he was a puppet of Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. One of the funniest things he ever said – which he believed – was “I’m the decider”.
Bush wrecked the USA coming and going. He was fraudulently put into the White House with the complicity of five reactionary Supreme Court Justices. He never had real stature as an elected President or a good President.
When Bush won the 2004′ election – after it had become obvious to the world that his Presidency was a catastrophe – it showed something lacking in the humanity and judgement of the American people. I believe it earned us karma to pay.
But a library is a library.
I guess.

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